SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future


SWITCH - Software outputs and publications

The software on this page was produced before Spring 2011 when the SWITCH project ended. Each was developed and tested on operating systems and software that were current at that time, but may not work on later releases. Any contact details that are provided were also accurate at the time the project closed. We regret that the site webmaster cannot offer assistance with queries relating to the software below.

Please find below links to software developed during the life of the SWITCH project, grouped by Research Area:

Water Supply: Exploring the options

Water Demand Management (WDM) Options Model in VENSIM

To use the software, please download a freeware version of the VENSIM reader by following the instructions at http://www.vensim.com/freedownload.html. Install the reader by running the file you downloaded (*.exe if on Windows; *.dmg if on Mac OS).

To run the WDM model as supplied, download and unzip the file above, open the Vensim Model Reader program, and then use File | Open Model and browse to the folder where you unzipped the WDM model files. The file to open is WDM3.vpm.

To modify the model, you will require a commercial version of the software (VENSIM Professional). This is be used to open the file WDM3.mdl and the input data spreadsheet in Excel (WDM.xls). VENSIM Professional allows the user to add and modify the model settings, configurations, equations, etc. An extensive modelling guide is available for free download at http://www.vensim.com/documentation.html. For more information on purchasing VENSIM Professional (developed by Ventana Systems Inc.), please go to http://www.vensim.com/buy.html.

Stormwater: Exploring the options


LCCA tool
ECO.SWM is a tool to calculate the so-called "Net present value" for different scenarios in water management.

Selection tool for natural wastewater treatment systems

SOMA – the "SWITCH Organic Micropollutants Assessment" tool
Facilitates the design and operation of Bank Filtration systems in the reduction of selected groups of OMPs.

Decision-Support Tools: Choosing a sustainable path

The City Water Information System (CWIS)
Sharing information and knowledge, providing support to scenario planning
To try out the demo version, download the user manual and access to other documentation, go to CWIS website (external link)

To install and use the CWIS Web platform, three elements are needed:

  1. A MSSQL database, either empty (but adequately structured) to add your own data or a pre-filled demo database. (Although not needed, you may want to use the free MSSQL Express database management tool.)
  2. The CWIS solution to be deployed on Web server
  3. A Web client (IExplorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) with the Silverlight Plug-in installed. Installation of this plug-in is automatic but requires administrative rights.

All these elements (the empty demo databases, the current version of CWIS and instructions on how to setup the web service) can be obtained by sending an email to info@ipogee.ch.

For information about licensing, please contact info@ipogee.ch.

City Water Balance (CWB)
A scoping model for assessing the dynamic balances of water, energy and pollutants at the city scale.

City Water Economics
Explores the potential economic implications of future strategies on urban water management by analysing scenarios for cost recovery and economic drivers for change (financing, pricing and subsidies).

"Jericho" Decision Support System
Evaluates options of water resources allocation under conditions of scarcity and potential for wastewater reuse, using sustainability indicators.